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Welcome to Hotel Nizza, hotel 3 stars Bellaria

"The best salsa that you can offer to your guests
is a good face and a forthright kindness... "

The Hotel Nizza Bellaria is born in the 50 's on the basis of paternal House in 1910 Nonno Of Motta. Today, after two generations of "craft", the helm of the Hotel Nizza is still in the hands of a firm Of Motta: Thomas.

Tommaso Della Motta is the new "third generation", he graduated from the University of Bologna, gives new and "old" customers the same atmosphere of familiarity, friendship and cordiality of always adding however, the warmth and friendliness of a young hotelier.

The Hotel has been completely renovated with all modern technologies, to allow a great comfort. Our 3-star Hotel is situated in Bellaria, on a short 50 metre road, which leads to the sea with closed transit and reserved.

The restaurant is in the Tradition of Romagna cuisine including, from time to time, Modern dishes that add new Plus the legendary regional cuisine.The Hotel Nizza is totally air conditioned in such a way as to make the spring any time of year.

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